The Gamer XJ9 of League of Legends Posted His Girlfriend’s Nudes on FaceBook

First thing came out of my mouth is ‘WAT…’

Okay this XJ9 dude seriously needs some professional help.

Basically he posted his girlfriend’s nude pictures on his public Facebook because she played the Champion Lee Shin which he hates for revenge.  The pictures were on for 3 days and he is completely aware that you can’t put what is on the internet down; ‘Sarah’s pictures are just on the net forever now. Plus people all over the world play LoL, XJ9 is one of the good gamers so ofcourse this event wouldn’t cool down easily. Nevertheless, he keeps on posting depressed and pathetic posts on his public XJ9 Fb page about her, he keeps going on and on about it forever and all the attentions are on him. Which is harming HER reputation, her image, and might ruined her life. 

Moreover, this XJ9 guy doesn’t seem to see his wrong, he doesn’t know why he IS the wrong in this situation. I believe if a guy can’t control his gaming life (which I think most guys do), his morality and his REAL LIFE relationships, and he humiliated his girlfriend over an online game character is unacceptable. I will never understand how the game has driven him crazy to the point he can’t separate what is real and what is not and I never want to understand things like that.

We literally said to each other, ‘If I really hated you, the worst thing you could do is play Lee Sin.’ And that’s what she did!

This is just how he took his relationship. I really hope this is just an online girlfriend because I don’t know what he would possibly do if they live together in real life. He doesn’t know how to relate to others in an intellectual way, he doesn’t understand how his behavior would make other people feel.  It’s almost like he created his own world with his own morals which defends for what he did is right. He seems to not able to break down a simple scenario, conversation and can’t explain which is irrational and whatnot. 

Destiny tried to break it down for him, for why his girlfriend broke up with him and explain to him why he was wrong to act in such a horrible way. But after 7 hours, XJ9 still can’t backup his reason for why he thinks that playing Lee Sin is so wrong that gave him the right to violate his ex-girlfriend’s privacy and emotionally hurt her. He still thinks that his girlfriend is stupid and still not comeback to her ‘sense’


He need a real education about morality, and his parents need to make him leave the internet. He needs to leave his girlfriend and all this bullshit and go see a therapist.

I don’t really play games. I don’t really like LoL. This guy is just an interesting case of autism and more more other disorders. 

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Justin Bieber is carried up the Great Wall by his bodyguards

After reading the article, I wasn’t too surprised. Like what else would this d-bag not do.

So basically he thinks that instead of stop to rest for a few minutes, ofcourse he’d let the bodyguards carry him. I don’t know how old he is but he was being very ignorant for letting, maybe asking the bodyguards, okay disregard their title, carry him up the fucking Great Wall. They are fucking tired too! I’m sure Justin is considered as an adult by this time, so how could he jump on some other men’s shoulders and just fucking sit like what up over there I’m gucci right here.

Justin Bieber peed in the mop bucket, spit on fans. Whatever dude, you’re trying too hard. Why do I sound so mad. I’m really not. It’s just funny to read about a guy lets two other guys carry him around. Like are you a fucking man. That’s why people hate him. His voice is okay, nothing special. But he’s peeing his douchy behavior around man. If he doesn’t want people to call you ‘feminine’, let’s not use the word Gay because gay people don’t behave like him, they can be gay and still are gentlemen, he wouldn’t do some ridiculous shit like this.

It’s even funnier because he’s in China ok. Back then when the King got carried around by men. That’s abusive. You don’t use people’s energies when you have your own fucking legs and everything.

People are laughing at him every day and he thinks he cool, wearing diaper pants and try hard to be tough. Ridiculous people these days. Whatever the shit they do can be so entertaining.

Just take a look at him and those fucking monarchs.


this is one of the reasons why he’s a she.


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